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Our Club

Paella-33Culture is an essential part  of    language learning. Besides, we are mad about Spanish cinema, literature, music, food… and would like to share our interests and enthusiasm with you. Therefore, we organize  the following activities:

 •    Cinema club

Films of contemporary Spanish and Latin American film directors. We want you to practice your Spanish , enjoy the movies and get to know more about the Spanish-speaking countries  and their  culture.

 •    Reading club

Members of the reading club meets onc a week  to discuss the book we have read. We choose  novels or short stories of contemporary Spanish and Latin American  wrtiters. The objectives of the club are:

1st- enjoy a good book

2nd- get to know the work of Spanish writers

3rd- find out more about Spain and Latin America through the work of those writers.

 •    Paella and Tapas

There is more to Spanish food than just paella and tapas. We meet once every semester to enjoy Spanish cuisine in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

•    Trips to Spain
Every year we organize a trip to Spain during the summer holidays. 

 Contact us for more details.